/ Residents Advisory Council / Composition


Residents Advisory Council will advise the Authority and provide guidance on the exercise of its powers and performance of its functions.

The Residents Advisory Council shall monitor the implementation of the annual plan of action for infrastructure development, mobility management plan and the plan for sustainable management of the urban environment and make such recommendations. The recommendations of the Residents Advisory Council, alongwith an explanatory memorandum on the action taken or proposed to be taken thereon, shall be placed by the Chief Executive Officer before the Authority.

The Residents Advisory Council shall consist of the Chief Executive Officer, who shall preside over the meetings of the Council and such other members as follows, namely:-

  1. Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, Gurugram, ex-officio;
  2. Commissioner of Police, Gurugram, ex-officio;
  3. Deputy Commissioner, Gurugram, ex-officio;
  4. Chief Administrator of the Haryana Urban Development Authority or an officer not below the rank of Administrator, to be nominated by the Chief Administrator, ex-officio;
  5. Such officers of the Authority, not exceeding four, as the Chief Executive Officer may, from time to time, nominate;
  6. Such officers, not exceeding three, of the State Government or any board or company or any agency wholly owned by the State Government and having their headquarters in the notified area, as the executive committee may, from time to time, nominate, ex-officio;
  7. Such persons, not less than ten and not more than fifteen, being residents in the notified area, to be nominated amongst resident welfare associations, civil society, labour, industry, real estate developers, commerce and services by the Authority or the Executive Committee, in such manner and for such term, as may be prescribed.