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The metropolitan area of Gurugram has grown rapidly over the past three decades. Few cities in India have grown at this pace. Gurugram represents the brand of a new emerging India with all its aspirations and dreams. It has become an economic and development power house providing the nucleus for progress in all fields.

The speedy development has created its own set of challenges. Despite efforts, the pace of infrastructure and the nature of urban governance has not kept pace with these rapid developments. Few cities in the world have grown so rapidly and also acutely felt the need for urban regeneration, all in such a short period of time as Gurugram.

The Government of Haryana has been conscious of these challenges. Various attempts have been made to reshape the urban governance processes and provide an impetus to infrastructure development to secure the aspirations of its citizens for a fulfilling urban environment. However, the time has come to make a new beginning.

A new legal structure that addresses these aspirations and challenges is being proposed. Any new structure cannot be a ‘re-naming’ of the old; but should emerge as ‘defining’ of the new. This would require public engagement to help us find the right path using the common wisdom and common purpose in each and every one of us. The right ideals, the right structure, the right culture and the right people put together can provide a new wisdom that would help in redefining Gurugram.